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Registration – Individual

Registration – Individual

Open Rehearsal: "Musical Companions"

Gustavo Dudamel and SBSOV musicians will share their musical passion with local student orchestras. The event aims to enhance local talented young musicians’ musicality. Hong Kong Arts Festival invites you to join us for this open rehearsal, where audience members can witness the charisma of Gustavo Dudamel and gain an experience of this incomparable music education programme.


Keynote speaker Mr. Eduardo Méndez, Executive Director of El Sistema, along with specialists across the music, education, and community sectors of Hong Kong, will share their insight and experience into how music contributes to the common good – from an individual level to society at large, and how community initiatives in music can make an impact on the Hong Kong community.

El Sistema Documentary Screenings

Founded in 1975, the Venezuelan youth music programme El Sistema has changed the lives of 787,000 teenagers in Venezuela, transforming their life trajectories and nurturing internationally-recognised talents such as Gustavo Dudamel and the musicians of the Simón Bolívar Symphony Orchestra of Venezuela (SBSOV). In addition to presenting the complete Beethoven Symphony cycle, the Hong Kong Arts Festival has also arranged a series of community screenings, offering an in-depth look into the beginnings and subsequent success of El Sistema.